Families That Matter

Families That Matter Story Project:
All too often the voices of family members of death row inmates have been absent from the death penalty debate in Ohio and across the country.  Your stories, which demonstrate the unfairness of the system and the painful impact capital punishment has on families, do not receive the attention they deserve by policymakers.
We are working to change that -
If your life has been impacted by having a family member on death row - we would like to hear your story.
We will begin to collect stories in April 2012.  Call us or we'll call you.  Contact Sr. Alice or Julie at 513-579-8547 or email alice@ijpc-cincinnati.org or julie@ijpc-cincinnati.org
Who are Families that Matter?
Members of Families That Matter are mothers, fathers, siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews who have or had a loved one on Ohio’s death row.  Families include those whose loved ones have lost their fight for justice and have been executed, those who have won victories through clemency, and those who are still persevering through the appeals’ process.
What is Families that Matter?
A Network of Support:
Through FTM, members receive the peer support needed through relationships with others who share a common hardship.  FTM organizes local and statewide gatherings which provide a safe place for members to connect and be heard.
A Way to  Become an Advocate for Your Loved One
Leadership Trainings (chosen by FTM members) strengthen the groups’ collective voice.  Through better understanding of the legal system, prisoner rights, lobbying, and activism, family members are better equipped to advocate for their loved one on death row and to advocate for a moratorium on the death penalty in the State of Ohio.
Leadership Trainings have included:
  • Self-Care: Taking Care of You Own Needs in Times of Stress
  • Lobbying Workshop by Carrie Davis, ACLU Staff Attorney and Lobbyist 
  • Capital Defense Handbook: Training for Defendants and Their Families by Claudia Whitman from Equal Justice USA
  • Consultation with the Chief Counsel of the Ohio Public Defender’s Office 
  • A Review of  the Grievance Process of the Ohio Department of Corrections and Prisoner Rights
All families need support.  Our hope is that this group and its gatherings may serve as a time for families to feel the support of others sharing the same pain and to organize against the death penalty.  Please consider joining us.  We need to benefit from your experience. 
Special thanks for funding to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development
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