Youth Educating Society (YES)

IJPC Youth Educating Society (YES)
Young Leaders for Immigrant Rights

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A group created by the Immigration Program at the Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center (IJPC)

Why you will want to join:

  • To build personal & professional relationships with others who care about immigrant rights

  • To build a network of student organizations from area colleges and universities and with other young leaders

  • To have an opportunity to receive leadership training

  • To stand courageously and speak out about immigration issues


Youth Educating Society (YES) is a leadership program designed for recent immigrants, both documented and undocumented, their friends, and international students to:

  • Network

  • Learn more about immigration issues

  • Take on a leadership role

A program dedicated to:

 EDUCATING about the immigration system and issues related

 DEVELOPING young leaders to take a stand on immigration issues

 BUILDING stronger relationships among schools and unifying youth from different backgrounds

 STRENGTHENING and facilitating the work of student groups to increase awareness at their schools

 ENGAGING youth in the Greater Cincinnati community and beyond

                                                For more questions or information contact Sarah Madrigal

or via phone at 513-579-8547


YES "Aren't we All Immigrant" T-shirts are available for purchase at a great price,
simply contact Sarah Madrigal and get yours TODAY!

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