Investing in Jobs Not Wars! - IJPC's speech at the Rally for JOBS NOT CUTS!

February 20, 2013


Rally for Jobs Not Cuts
When: Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Where: Speaker John Boehner's office in West Chester
Invest in JOBS NOT WAR - Vinny from the Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center
For almost half of life, the United States has been at War.  We have spent trillions upon trillions of dollars in Pentagon Spending.  But what has been the cost of all of this on you & on me & on our children & our future? 
There are so many bloated and outdated programs that continue to be funded, even though they are not making us any safer.  Even more than that, we, as the American people, have spoken & we demand moving our money to Jobs, Not Wars. 
Pentagon spending now equals almost half of the entire government’s discretionary budget.  Taking this even further, the amount of money the United States spends on our military equals to almost half of all military spending worldwide.  And the solution is simple.  A bipartisan task force has found $1 trillion in savings that will not sacrifice our security.  By eliminating waste and fraud from the Pentagon budget, and by ending the war in Afghanistan, we can be on the road to a safer and healthier and more secure future. 
Our nations and our people are facing serious threats… 21st century threats, and Congress must adopt a Pentagon budget that reflects these, not one that continues on a road to war and violence and destruction.  We are facing high rates of unemployment and critics have said that cutting Pentagon spending will further hurt the economy.  Well, I am here to tell you that this is just untrue.  Moving $1 Billion away from outdated and bloated Pentagon programs has the potential of creating 1.5 to 2.5 times more jobs in sectors that benefit ALL of the American people.  By ending the War in Afghanistan, we can invest, truly and wholeheartedly invest, in the needs of the people.  The amount of money Cincinnati spent on the war in 2012 could alternatively provide health care for over 55 thousand low income children or VA medical benefits for almost 13 thousand military veterans or provide jobs to 15 hundred police officers for a year. 
We are coming to a point where our needs, you and I and our children and families and friends, our needs must be the priorities of Congress.  For too long we have had to bear the weight of war and violence.  And now, it is time for Speaker Boehner and Congress to bear this weight.  Now it is time to end the War in Afghanistan & create a budget that reflects our needs.  Now is the time that our voices are clearly heard and peace takes hold in our country.  Now is the time for JOBS NOT WARS!