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Members of Families That Matter are people who have or had a family member on Ohio’s death row. Through Families That Matter, members receive peer support and plan leadership trainings which allow them to better advocate for their loved one on death row. 
To view death row inmates and Families that Matter members' artwork click here.
Familes That Matter members delivering False Justice to Ohio Senate Offices.
A group of local Cincinnatians interested in the issue of the death penalty and in ending executions in Ohio. We are a chapter that meets monthly. We are an affiliate of the statewide OTSE, working to end the death penalty in Ohio. 
Murder Victims Family Members
IJPC works with those who have lost a loved one to murder and search for healing and a restored life—a need the current system often ignores
National Resources
Did you know that 2 out of 3 Americans are against the Death Penalty? Or that Ohio ranks seventh in the number of inmates on death row as of 2012?
According to a survey by the nonprofit Death Penalty Information Center of Washington, D.C., "The American Public is ready for a serious discussion on the Death Penalty."
Read about IJPC's Coordinator Sister Alice Gerdeman and the Families that Matter program in the November issue of Cincinnati Magazine. Click here to read the whole article on its original site

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