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Educating on Immigration and Advocating for Immigrants

IJPC fully believes that immigrants are to be welcomed to the United States.  U.S. law needs to provide a path for undocumented workers to gain legal status.  Immigrant individuals and families must be given opportunities for integration into U.S. society and should never be exploited. Further, IJPC realizes that people do not make the decision to leave their homeland lightly.  Nations need to work together to create a just international economic structure in which every person’s human rights are respected and that provides dignified work within each country.  We believe that national security is not enhanced by threats of mass deportation or by vast increases in border surveillance. 


Resources and Information on "Gang of Eight" Senate Immigration Bill!

Outline of Immigration Bill

Senate Immigration Reform Analysis

PowerPoint on Senate Immigration Bill

*New* DACA Renewal FAQ 



IJPC Immigration Programs and Resources

Loving Our Immigrant Neighbors


A practical workshop for people interested in learning about immigrants and immigration


A network of support for immigrants, and comprehensive immigration reform

Immigration Resources

Everything you need to know about immigration from upcoming legislation to myths about immigrants, as well as information to get involved! *Updates are on a regular basis, so be  sure to come back and check us out frequently!

Youth Educating Society (YES)

A network of students from local colleges committed to learn more about immigration issues, organize and get involved in the community.  If interested, please contact  Sarah at 513-579-8547 for more information.

**Students** If you are looking for scholarships to attend college, check out this financial aid guide with information about scholarships you can apply for!



Immigration Board Game Available for Download!

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