Before You Enlist

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The Before You Enlist program exists to limit military recruiter abuses and make sure high school students are fully aware of all of the options available to them after they graduate.  IJPC hopes to help area schools to prepare for and prevent potential military recruiter abuses.  Our two pronged approach to influence school policy as well as providing information to school support people that can reach students attempts to limit the excessive influence of military recruiters in high schools while making sure students are prepared to effectively confront that influence.  Much work has been done, but much more is needed.  Check out all the great info and links!

Cincinnati Public Schools Recruiter Policy Project

Seeks to limit recruiter abuses in Cincinnati high schools by making a uniform military recruitment policy across the district.

Adopt a School Project

Seeks to reach high school students by providing materials that explain all post-high school options beyond the military and make sure student know everything they need to know before considering enlistment.



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